Is sharing caring? Analyzing the incentives for shared cloud clusters. Talha Mehboob, Noman Bashir, Michael Zink and David Irwin (Research track)
DrGPU: A Top-Down Profiler for GPU Applications. Yueming Hao, Nikhil Jain, Rob Van der Wijngaart, Nirmal Saxena, Yuanbo Fan and Xu Liu (Research track)
Systematically Exploring High-Performance Representations of Vector Fields Through Compile-Time Composition. Stephen Nicholas Swatman, Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Andy Pimentel, Andreas Salzburger and Attila Krasznahorkay (Research track)
Evaluating the Energy Measurements of the IBM POWER9 On-Chip Controller. Hannes Tröpgen, Mario Bielert and Thomas Ilsche (Research track)
Predicting the Performance of ATL Model Transformations. Raffaela Groner, Peter Bellmann, Stefan Höppner, Patrick Thiam, Friedhelm Schwenker and Matthias Tichy (Research track)
Predicting the Performance of a Computing System with Deep Networks. Mehmet Cengiz, Matthew Forshaw, Amir Atapour-Abarghouei and Andrew Stephen McGough (Research track)
Predicting Inference Latency of Neural Architectures on Mobile Devices. Zhuojin Li, Marco Paolieri and Leana Golubchik (Research track)
A Method to Evaluate the Performance of Predictors in Cyber-Physical Systems. Leonardo Passig Horstmann, Matheus Wagner and Antônio Augusto Fröhlich (Research track)
Enhancing the Configuration Tuning Pipeline of Large-Scale Distributed Applications Using Large Language Models (Idea Paper). Gagan Somashekar and Rajat Kumar (Emerging research track)
A Methodology and Framework to Determine the Isolation Capabilities of Virtualisation Technologies. Simon Volpert, Benjamin Erb, Georg Eisenhart, Daniel Seybold, Stefan Wesner and Jörg Domaschka (Research track)
Transparent Trace Annotation for Performance Debugging in Microservice-oriented Systems (Work in Progress Paper). Adel Belkhiri, Ahmad Shahnejat Bushehri, Felipe Gohring de Magalhaes and Gabriela Nicolescu (Emerging research track)
COST Action - CA19122 European Network For Gender Balance in Informatics Antinisca Di Marco
Implementation of Dataflow Software Pipelining for Codelet Model. Siddhisanket Raskar, Jose M. Monsalve Diaz, Thomas Applencourt, Kalyan Kumaran and Guang Gao (Research track)
Meterstick: Benchmarking Performance Variability in Cloud and Self-hosted Minecraft-like Games. Jerrit Eickhoff, Jesse Donkervliet and Alexandru Iosup (Research track)
Hunter: Using Change Point Detection to Hunt for Performance Regressions. Matt Fleming, Piotr Kołaczkowski, Ishita Kumar, Shaunak Das, Sean McCarthy, Pushkala Pattabhiraman and Henrik Ingo (Industry track)
The Performance of Distributed Applications: A Traffic Shaping Perspective. Jasper A. Hasenoot, Jan S. Rellermeyer and Alexandru Uta (Research track)
Packet-Level Analysis of Zoom Performance Anomalies. Mehdi Karamollahi, Carey Williamson and Martin Arlitt (Research track)
Design-time Performability Evaluation of Runtime Adaptation Strategies (Work In Progress Paper). Martina Rapp, Max Scheerer and Ralf Reussner (Emerging research track)
Event-based Simulation for Transient Systems with Capture Replay to Predict Self-Adaptive Systems (Work in Progress Paper). Sarah Stieß, Stefan Höppner, Steffen Becker and Matthias Tichy (Emerging research track)


[HotCloudPerf] Can My WiFi Handle the Metaverse? A Performance Evaluation Of Meta’s Flagship Virtual Reality Hardware. Jesse Donkervliet, Matthijs Jansen, Animesh Trivedi, Alexandru Iosup