ICPE 2023 workshops will be on April 15 and 16, 2023.

The following workshops are planned in conjunction with ICPE 2023:

  • The Fourth Workshop on Education and Practice of Performance Engineering (WEPPE 2023)
  • The First FastContinuum Workshop (FastContinuum 2023)
  • The Sixth Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing Performance (HotCloudPerf 2023)
  • The Second International Workshop on Performance-Data Analytics and Data-Management (PANDA 2023)
  • The Eighth Workshop on Challenges in Performance Methods for Software Development (WOSP-C 2023)
  • The Eleventh International Workshop on Load Testing and Benchmarking of Software Systems (LTB 2023)
  • The First Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Performance Modeling, Prediction, and Control (AIPerf 2023)
  • The First Workshop on Serverless, Extreme-Scale, and Sustainable Graph Processing Systems (GraphSys 2023)
  • The First Practically FAIR 2023 (PFAIR 2023)