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  • (03/14/2023) We proudly present three exciting keynotes: Mathieu Nayrolles (Ubisoft), Federica Sarro (University College London), and Georg Hager (FAU Erlangen-N├╝rnberg). See the details here.
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About ICPE

The International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) originated 14 years ago from the fusion of an ACM workshop on software and performance prediction and a SPEC workshop focused on benchmarking and performance evaluation.

ICPE continues true to its origins with focus both on software performance modeling, prediction, and measurement as well as on benchmark-based performance evaluation. The areas to which such principles are applied have evolved over the years with the technological evolution in academia and industry.

ICPE contributions appear at all levels of system and software design, performance modeling, and measurements of performance, from the cloud’s core to edge, from mobile devices to major data centers, from web applications to scientific applications.

The ICPE focus on engineering performance means that industrial practitioners and academics that participate in ICPE are interested in quantifying the performance impact of all aspects of complex systems design and implementation. Length of design cycles, life-time maintenance issues, quality of experience, costs to delivering a system or service are also the focus of the intellectual curiosity of ICPE participants.

Notice: ICPE 2023 will be held in person. Remote presentations and pre-recorded videos are not allowed unless all authors of an accepted paper are under special circumstances that prevent them from attending the conference in person. Requests for such exceptions will be considered carefully by the organizing committee.

If you have any question about ICPE, please contact us through the following e-mail: